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If you need guidance or have a problem with your dog and if no one else can help, then maybe you should hire...

The Packman!

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VIRTUAL (60 or 30 minutes) SESSIONS


Jeannine B.

New Milford, NJ


If you are thinking of rehabilitating your dog, there is no need to look any further!! Pat is simply THE BEST! He came into our home and met with our whole family first and listened to all our concerns (which was a lot!). When he met Luna for the first time, it was simply amazing how she responded to him. It was like I was standing in front of Cesar Milan!! Once he taught us about being calm and assertive, it made all the difference in the world! One lesson he taught us that truly has changed our every day lives was, "Luna will create balance in your life".  Which is 100% accurate! I would recommend Pat to anyone!

Allie R.

Montclair, NJ

Pat will not train your dog; he will teach YOU how to establish leadership with your dog in a way that is natural to dogs. After adopting a pitbull/boxer mix puppy, we knew that we needed some help. Although I've seen every episode of Cesar Milan and read his books, I didn't always have the right calm/assertive energy. Pat was able to point out what we were doing wrong and show us how to properly communicate with our dog while gaining his trust and respect. Pat reminded us that our dog doesn't speak English and isn't our son! Dogs communicate with energy and body language - skills we needed a lot of work on. The immediate change in our dog was incredible! After learning exactly how to meet Cooper's needs, we now have a strong relationship with our happy puppy. Pat taught us how to sense and correct excitement in our dog before it escalates any further. He has taught us an invaluable skill: how to properly walk our dog! The value provided by Pat's training sessions lasts much longer than the sessions themselves. I am now much more equipped to correct any mistakes I make along the way thanks to Pat. We are forever grateful for his help!

Susan H.

Boonton, NJ


Pat has an amazing gift with dogs.  He is very patient with the owners also.  We had two Shiba Inus that got along very well and were thinking of getting another when a foster 10 month old Shiba came to our home.  My male dog immediately attacked him and made me a nervous wreck.  I spoke with a training place that said that they may never get along and wanted me to bring my older male to their facility for training.  I couldn't see how that would help the situation at home.  Thankfully I found Pat had been working with the dogs at my local shelter and I saw it on Facebook.  He came asap and things changed here right away.  I hadn't realized that my male dog thought he was pack leader.  We have since taken our home back and the boys are getting along just fine.  If it wasn't for Pat we would not have been able to adopt our adorable foster boy.



Bill V.

Brooklyn, NY

I've tried another trainer that was all treat driven which got me no where. Rescue Dogs Rocks recommended I call Pat. I must say I see improvements already. He explains thoroughly the dogs thinking and logic and what i have to do to take control. I am so pleased with my dogs improvement and more so mine. I recommend Pat. If there were 10 star rating  he would get it. I made the classic mistake  after taking  in a rescue and that was to spoil him because they had a rough start. Quickly after meeting Pat i realized it was not good for the dog or me .

Thanks Pat !

Ryan M.

Oradell, NJ

Finding Pat was a lifesaver for both us and our little guy Sidney. Weeks after adopting him from a rescue organization and not knowing the full extent of his past, we noticed he had persistent fear and anxiety issues. While my parents were dog sitting, Sidney bit my dad in the face. We felt helpless. One trainer even suggested putting the dog down. Thankfully we found Pat who was confident he could rehabilitate our dog. It's been 5 months since we started working with Pat and Sidney has made huge progress in overcoming his issues. We couldn't have done it without Pat. He cares about each case and each dog as if it was his own.With much appreciation, Ryan & Michelle

Clare P.

Bloomfield, NJ


We just finished our second session with Pat and he is incredible. Just like other reviewers have said, he's a true dog whisperer that has perfected his gift. You won't find anyone better.
Our 3 year old, 150 pound Newfoundland, Burt, started showing dog aggression out of the blue. The first session Pat pinpointed exactly what our issues were: we weren't setting boundaries for Burt, he feeds off of my anxiety and nervousness, and we weren't following the work-rules-reward mentality. Pat immediately established leadership with Burt and Burt's behavior with him was a complete 180 from how he was behaving with us. Pat has given us invaluable tips and techniques. He has really built our confidence in walking Burt and establishing leadership. We still have a ways to go, but the changes we've seen in only two sessions are amazing!
We cannot say enough good things about Pat and cannot wait to continue working with him.