Training with a Twist!

Welcome to Packman to the Rescue, where we believe that it’s not about training dogs, it’s about training people. At Packman to the Rescue, K9 Solutions & Coaching, we’re committed to restoring the relationship between owner and dog and ensuring that each home is filled with a happy pup and owner that thrive in an environment that runs off of stellar communication, healthy boundaries and a whole lot of love! We’ve seen how dogs and owners can suffer from misunderstanding each other and creating a tense environment that could have easily been avoided through simple and effective training methods.

In our world, when you’re part of our pack, it means for good. And that means that no dog (or man) gets left behind. We’ve worked with even the most tricky cases, and seen dog/owner relationships undergo unrecognizable shifts. We’d love for you and your dog to join our pack and start the journey of a lifetime together.

Our Mission


At Packman to the Rescue, we’re dedicated to helping you understand and communicate in ‘dog language’. We believe that proper training starts by meeting the dogs core needs first. But don’t worry - we’re here to help you figure out exactly what that is. As soon as those needs are met, in turn, it opens up your dogs capacity to listen to what you need from them. Most anxieties, conflict and confusions stem from a miscommunication between dog and man, thus causing massive rifts in what is supposed to be an unbreakable bond. Let’s fix that!


We do things a little bit differently here, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. To us, training doesn’t mean figuring out how to give commands that are obeyed. Dogs are intelligent, social and inquisitive beings who ultimately won’t respond to commands if they don’t understand the reasoning behind it. At Packman to the Rescue, we kick traditional dog training techniques to the curb, and focus on the very route of each behavioural issue. Dog treats and obedience commands won’t get you anywhere if you don’t look at the cause of each problem. The focus should be on fixing the problem, and not the consequence of the problem. For example, a dog that jumps all over your guests when they arrive at your home is NOT the problem. The problem is that the dog is excited. EXCITEMENT is the real problem! Jumping is the RESULT of a dog that is overly excited. And if you’re screaming, getting angry, feeling frustrated, you’re adding even more excitement to an already raging and excited fire.


We pride ourselves on looking at each aspect of both human and dog behavious, and we base our training techniques on those feelings and patterns so we can allow both human and pet to become the best version of themselves for each other.


Meet the leader of our pack! 

It may come as a surprise to many, but Pat was actually  terrified of dogs for most of his adult life! He used to be shy, anxious, insecure and fearful. Does that sound like the Packman we know and love today? Surely not! However, at the age of 40, he did a total career change, and hasn’t looked back since!


How did he do it? Well, it’s been a long and wild road, but oh boy, has he come a long way. In fact, it wasn’t until after he was forced to face his fear of dogs, discovering The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, and subsequently adopting and rehabilitating Socks, his Pitbull, that he realized his true talent for understanding and rehabilitating troubled dogs.


But mostly, it was then that he discovered his true passion, which is to help people overcome their own fears, anxieties, and insecurities, along with teaching them how to understand the psychology of a dog and how to communicate “dog-language.”


And that is exactly what he’s devoted his life to doing ever since he left his16-year career in financial services, and established Packman to the Rescue, K9 Solutions & Coaching.



Meet Pat "The Packman"
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