Pat’s approach to dog rehabilitation focuses primarily on the                                                                      dog owners. Why? Dogs feed off of the owners energy                                                                                    (emotional state) as their primary method of understanding,                                                                      respecting and trusting humans.

                                                              If a dog senses any kind of emotional instability (such as                                                                              nervousness, anxiety, frustration, anger, etc.), they will assume                                                                that you are weak and not in control of the situation.                                                                                    Therefore, the dog will not trust or follow you and will assert                                                                     itself to become the pack leader.

Pat can recognize a person’s energy and body language and therefore he provides guidance on how to adjust thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to become an effective leader. He also provides recommendations and adjustments for daily rituals along with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand their dog’s needs, instincts and psychology.

The goal of total rehabilitation is to transform both the owner and the dog to be the happiest and healthiest family unit possible.  This is where Pat’s expertise lies. Pat prides himself on his nickname “Packman” and therefore his ability to bring dogs and humans together as a pack (family).

He can create balance in the household, eliminate chaos, and make any pack (no matter how troubled) strong and healthy!


Our primary goal should be to give our dogs what they want and need first. Then, they will be able to give us what we want and need afterwards. This way, you will have created a bond and relationship that will last a lifetime. 
But to do so effectively, we first need to learn how to speak “dog language.” Dogs don’t communicate the same way humans communicate. And the more you try to communicate with a dog in your own language, the more confused and frustrated you both will be. 

And that’s what makes me so different than most “dog trainers.” I know more than anyone the struggles of dog training, as opposed to understanding the actual way that dogs think, feel, and act.
Traditional dog training techniques, which focus on the exclusive use of treats and obedience commands, do absolutely nothing when it comes to fixing the root of a dog’s behavioral issue.

The focus should be on fixing the problem, and not the consequence of the problem.
For example, people will ask me how to fix a specific “problem,” such as jumping, biting, barking, etc.
A dog that jumps all over your guests when they arrive at your home is NOT the problem. The problem is that the dog is excited. EXCITEMENT is the real problem! Jumping is the RESULT of a dog that is overly excited. And if you’re screaming, getting angry, feeling frustrated, you’re adding even more excitement to an already raging excited fire.

Yeah, it’s true! Your emotions really do play a major role in your dog’s behavior! Actually, most of the time, your own emotional state of mind is why your dog has behavioral issues in the first place. That’s because dogs will not trust, respect, or follow weak or negative energy. Understand?

So, if you’re struggling to build a bond, establish a strong connection, or create a solid relationship with your dog, I get it. If you’re struggling with your emotions, even if it’s not related to your dog, I get it. But don’t worry, a lot of people are in that exact same situation.
And that’s why I’m here, and desperately want to help.

So, become part of Packman’s pack, and let’s change the world, one dog at a time.
After all, It’s about training people, NOT TRAINING DOGS!!!